Let’s Make Your Event Sizzle With Excitement…

I help event planners create spectacular events by providing ‘Award-Winning’ magic entertainment for both corporate/adult events and kids parties.

An international performer, I travel back and forth from my hometown of Boston, MA,, to my current residence in Scotland, where I moved to in 2011.

Along with Bonaparte. (my business partner from Boston) we are a full-service entertainment agency, helping create amazing dynamic fun events for our clients.

If you need entertainment, you have landed in the right place. 😮

Corporate/adult Events: www.officepartymagic.com

New England Kids Events: www.amazingkidsmagic.com

UK Kids Events: www.amazing-kids-magic.co.uk

My other main passion in life is running,.. particularly marathon running. Reno Stirrat (running coach and world class age group runner) and I have joined force and provide running tips and personalized coaching. You can check us out at: www.distancerunningtips.com.

Have your best day!